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The fundamental goal of Cexinvestment is to get the most elevated benefits conceivable from exchanging on the remote trade (Forex), Cryptocurrency trade markets and from ICO's of new companies. In the event that you are longing for gaining on the incredible capability of Forex and Cryptocurrency exchanging, jump on Cexinvestment – your venture opportunity which will convey you to more riches and thriving. Our group of profoundly proficient specialists endeavors to guarantee decent salary to every one of our speculators. Read More

Profitable plans

Our investment plans are designed to generate maximum profits with minimum investment so that clients can increase the level of their financial status in today’s world.

Fast payments

We have a system where we process payments very fast ( within 24 business hours ) so that our clients enjoy payouts without any unnecessary waiting time. Our payouts are also 7 days a week.

Investment Plan

Regular Plan


After 24 Hours

Minimum : $100.00

Maximum : $999.00

Fast Payments

Principal Included

Standard Plan


After 48 Hours

Minimum : $1000.00

Maximum : $9,999.00

Fast Payments

Principal Included

Business Plan


After 48 Hours

Minimum : $10,000.00

Maximum : Unlimited

Fast Payments

Principal Included

Elite Business Plan


after 72 Hours

Minimum : $50.000

Maximum : Unlimited

Fast Payments

Principal Included

Referral Commission




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Netherlands Registered Company

We are everything a traditional financial institution is not. We set out to give investors better, simpler and more profitable ways to become financially successful and secure.

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We understand how important having reliable support service is to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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‘’First of all, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to earn !!
I like the company. Opened a deposit of 20. Profitable marketing and a pleasant referral program. You can make good money.’’

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